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Related article: afforded an eight -mile gallop, Mr. Wandesforde has had further fine sport in his Queen's Co. country, and has no cause to be dissatisfied with his season. The Kilkenny record still con- tinues to be a very excellent one. In last month's ** Van " a run from Tory Hill and a kill at Smithstown was declared to be the best of this season with these hounds, but on December i6th they were again at Tory Hill, and after sixty- three minutes, rolled their fox over in the open about two-and-a-half miles from Smithstown. The last twenty minutes of this were run at quite 1 top pace, and this time there was ; noiFog on top of Tory, so every* one got "away," and all were] pleased. On the i8th thesft! hounds had a fast and most ex« i9oa] "OUR VAN.' 149 dting gallop of just an hour from Wlutcrolt's, though it was by no meaas straight ; it was an after- noon run, and Order Avana hounds had to be stopped at Kilfera at dusk. On the 26th they had one hour ten minutes from Knockroe to Sut- clifies, Castle Blunden, and on to Golden Hill, where the fox was marked to ground, bolted and killed; a fine hunt with catchy scent, but pace very fast at times. Thej were at Kilcoran on the 29th, and Mr. Poe had a leash of foxes for them, but the one they stuck to was a bad one. From the fine outlying gorse of Knock- reigh they then had a couple of gallops, one of twenty and the other of thirty-five minutes' dura- tion : the latter very good — a ring back to the gorse, where he was left On January 2nd, after a poor morning's sport with the wretched foxes of Clara, the «* Old Kilkennies" found in the fa- vourite Bishopslough, and ran like fire without checking for nineteen minutes to Maddoxtown railway bridge towards Clifden Bottoms, but turning to the left, crossed the Waterford railway on to the river Nore, making a four- mile point in twenty - eight minutes, and then ran him back to Bishopslough, after a rare good run of sixty-three minutes. Lord Huntingdon and Mr. Biddulph have both had good sport, and his lordship's pack, the Ormond, distinguished themselves by having two great runs on Uecember 20th and 22nd. On the first occasion they found in Kylenoe Wood, and after hunting Um for three hours and covering Iburteen miles of country, hounds earthed their fox not far from Portumna. On the 22nd they kad two runs, one from Coro- iJasty, when a fresh fox got up [liefore hounds and took them on |.to an open earth beyond Shin- rone, and then a fox from Knockshegona was killed at Lochisle. Another great run. The King's County Hounds did well on December 19th, when they had a really good forty minutes from Moyvoughly to ground near Basken ; but they did still better on the 23rd from Tore, when they had a fine run of an hour at least, and killed their fox at Raheenspill in great style. The United Hounds took the field again on December 15th, after their terrible visitation of distemper, which destroyed no less than seventeen-and-a-half couples of hounds. Though, of course, out of condition at first, they have shown some brilliant sport since their convalescence. On the 15th they ran for an hour from Bally- le^an to Hermitage, Buy Avana about ten miles as hounds ran over a fine grass line, and had a very fast burst from Mr. Cashman's new gorse to Regans in the evening. The 26th was another good day with these hounds, for they had a good ring from Corrin, a gallop with an outlier into Dundillerick, and a clinking gallop of some ten or eleven miles over some of the best of the country from Boltons in the evening. On the 29th they ran over a perfect country from Regans to Killuntin — an eight-mile point; and after hanging a bit there they went on to Bride's Brake, where he just saved his brush in the main earth — about the run of the season in CO. Cork. ''Baily's Hunting Dipeotory." — By an unfortunate mistake in the lists of ** Winners at the Fox- hound Show at Peterborough," certain hounds have been entered as belonging to the Woodland Pytchley Hunt. This is inaccu- rate. The hounds so described were bred by Mr. Austin Mac- kenzie, till lately Master of the ^50 BAILY S IfAGAZINB. [Februait Woodland Pytchley, were his own property, and should, in the winner lists of the shows held in 1896, 1897 2ind 1898, have been described as ** Mr. Mackenzie's," under whose name they appear in the Stud Book. At the Show of 1899 Mr. W. M. Wroughton won second prize for Two Couples of Entered Bitches with hounds he had purchased from Mr. Mac- kenzie ; and these — Daylight, Delta, Wildfire and Trusty — should have been described as M Mr. Wroughton's." Yeomanry Hospital. — The members and followers of the Puckeridge Hunt have at once responded to Lady Warwick's appeal in the Field recently, and have already forwarded cheques for ;fioo, which sum is enough to equip two beds in the Yeomanry Hospital at the Front. Polo.— The Earl of Aya.— The death of Lord Ava will cause universal regret. No one was more widely known, and he had played polo almost wherever the game has found its way. In India, when in the 17th Lancers, he played in the then famous team of the regiment. Since then, at Raneiagh, at Hurlingham, and at Rugby, he has been a frequent player. Nowhere will he be re- gretted more than at the Raneiagh Club, where for a time he acted as